70% of Hydro One and ALL of Wasaga Beach Distribution Inc.
is still owned by the people!

In Wasaga Beach, in addition to pressuring Conservative MPP Jim Wilson to speak out against the privatization of Hydro One, Keep Hydro Public is fighting to keep Wasaga Beach Distribution Inc. – our local hydro utility – public!

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Click here for a document outlining the impact this selloff will have on Wasaga Beach

Fill out the mailer below to send the following message to Wasaga Beach Council:

Dear Mayor Brian Smith, Deputy Mayor Nina Bifolci and Town of Wasaga Beach Councillors,

I am among the vast majority of Wasaga Beach residents who are opposed to the privatization plans for Wasaga Distribution Inc. If you sell Wasaga Distribution Inc., you are putting our public utility into private hands.

You did not campaign on a platform to privatize our public utility and do not have a mandate to do so. You need to be held accountable for your decision to act against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Ontarians. Since we have information about how little the sale of Wasaga Distribution Inc. will generate for the Town of Wasaga Beach, and the loss of control by the Town over its own utility, the council should put a stop to this privatization plan.

This is an issue that I and other Wasaga Beach residents will remember when we cast our ballots in the next municipal election.

I urge you to listen to the people of Wasaga Beach and protect reliable, affordable electricity for the Town, and keep Wasaga Distribution Inc. public.


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Impact on the Town of Wasaga Beach in 2015

400,000 dividend paid to the Town of Wasaga Beach

Interest of 148,043 paid from Wasaga Distribution to the Town on Note Payable

Remaining 269,850 increase in equity is recorded as an increase in the Town’s Investment in Government Business Enterprises



The Settlement rates reflect Wasaga Distribution’s recent overall ranking as one of the most efficient electricity distributors in Ontario.
These rates will allow Wasaga Distribution to maintain its OM&A costs per customer, its total cost per customer, and its total cost per kilometer of line comparators at levels considerably lower than those for most of the other OEB regulated electricity distributors.”



Wasaga Distribution is one of only six LDC’s in the province ranked in group 1 (a stretch factor of 0.0%)

“The Board set the lower-bound stretch factor value to zero to strengthen the efficiency incentives inherent in the rate-adjustment mechanism and in doing so reward the top performers.”



The Electricity Distributor Performance Data, Reports and Regulatory Information shows Wasaga Distribution is ranked an Efficiency Assessment of 1 – that being the most efficient. FYI – Hydro One comes in at a 5 – the least efficient.



When you call you get a real live person and they tell you their name not an ID number.  Office staff are quick, efficient and knowledgeable.  Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction scoring at 100% from 2010 to 2014.



Response times in emergencies  and during power outs is excellent.  Wasaga Distribution has one priority and that is the Town of Wasaga Beach.



Proactive preventative maintenance – i.e. tree trimming – means less down time.


A local company that pays taxes – A local company that employs locals